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Revival Scalp Studio!

Did you hear the latest news?

Scalp care is the new skin care…and if you haven’t already heard…well you heard it here first!

At Revival Scalp Studio, your scalp is the star of the show!

Your scalp is an extension of your face, and it’s time we start showing it the love and attention it needs, and deserves.

What Is A Scalp Facial

What is a scalp facial?

We offer luxurious scalp facial detox treatments that are personalized to your scalp condition and your scalp type. Picture a facial on your face, but this time on your scalp. We will deep clean and detox your scalp from product build up, oil build up, dry skin, dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, etc. The scalp facial focuses on unclogging the hair follicles, and getting your scalp in optimal health.

We use organic products made in Italy, that feel like pure bliss on your scalp. During your service, connect with all of your senses and enjoy every moment of this invigorating, yet truly relaxing treatment.

Your scalp didn’t know it needed this much love until now.

It’s time to show your scalp some love!

Our Studio

We are a studio that specifically focuses on the health of your scalp.

Your journey of healthier hair, truly does begin with the scalp.

We are honoured and proud that this video of our studio was featured on The Marilyn Denis Show.

Our Studio
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